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    At the edge, between design and computation

    The Design & Computation Group (DCG) is a research group committed with the exploration and understanding of new forms of design thinking that are provided by computation, algorithmic reasoning and the new possibilities of computer tools.

    DCG was created by José Pinto Duarte at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon (FAULisboa) in the beginning of the 2010’s. It is an interdisciplinary group committed to create a strong contribution to the research areas at the edge between design and computation, applying computational techniques to design problems on a variety of scales: from product to urban design, from architecture to regional planning.

    DCG is transversal to all knowledge areas available at FAULisboa and fosters multidisciplinary and collaborative work as a philosophical principle.

    The group is presently coordinated by José Nuno Beirão and involves several researchers from the Faculty ( http://dcg.fa.ulisboa.pt/authors/ ).

  • DCG Lecture: Projeto CASA – Leonardo Luna

  • November 11, 2019 | events, news, Workshops

    No próximo dia 12 de Novembro (terça-feira), das 9h30 às 13h00, teremos na sala 5.0.12 da FAUL um bundle DCG Lecture + Workshop dado pelo Arq. Leonardo Luna De Melo Jorge. Na palestra será apresentado o Projeto CASA (ver abaixo), seguindo-se uma sessão hands-on de trabalho com o sistema de projeto. O projeto CASA é […]

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  • Book Presentation & DCG Lectures

  • September 13, 2019 | events, news

    On September 16th, Monday, Prof. Fernando Lima, Vice-director of Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (FAU-UFJF), will be presenting the newly released eBook entitled “Digital Techniques applied to Design Process” in room 5.0.13 (14h30). After it, we will have some DCG Lectures on the subject, with Wei Likai (Tianjin […]

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  • LDAC2019 – Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Week (17 – 21 June 2019)

  • September 7, 2018 | events, home, news, Workshops

    This year’s LDAC workshop takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, and is locally organized by the Design and Computation Group (DCG) of Faculdade de Arquitetura, Universidade de Lisboa, in partnership with Beta-i. This year’s LDAC will also feature a Summer School (17-19 June), in which the fundamentals of linked data and semantic web technologies are taught in the context […]

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  • DCG Lectures: Group Session

  • April 24, 2018 | events, home, news

    On April 9 we hosted another DCG Lectures event, taking advantage of the visit of Daniel Lenz and Victor Sardenberg. The event took place in room 5.0.10 (building 5, FAUL) starting at 9h30. Each presentation should take around 20 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for Q&A. The timetable of the presentations will be the following: 9h30 – Daniel Lenz – URBANO. DOS MODELOS […]

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  • DCG Lectures: A Realidade é um Lugar Estranho – Victor Sardenberg

  • April 24, 2018 | events, home, news

    Esta apresentação foca em projetos especulativos que produzem caricaturas de tendências arquitetônicas contemporâneas. Estratégias como sampling e remixing por meio de modelagem computacional são utilizadas para produzir uma diferente relação com a história da arquitetura. The lecture will take place on April 06 at 10h30, in room 5.0.10 (Pav. 5, Faculdade de Arquitetura, Universidade de Lisboa). Victor […]

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  • DCG Lectures: URBANO: Dos Modelos do Séc. XIX à Abordagem Computacional Complexa – Daniel Lenz

  • April 24, 2018 | events, home, news

    O desenvolvimento das teorias da informação ao longo do século XX é marco de início de uma mudança de paradigma da nossa forma de ver o mundo. Isso implica em reformulação dos modelos explicativos. Envolvido por esse pensamento, fazemos um breve levantamento da evolução dos modelos sobre o urbano, que também tem absorvido vários princípios […]

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  • BEAM

  • Built Environment and Mobility Research Group

    Welcome to the webpage of the Built Environment and Mobility (BEAM) research group. BEAM is integrated in the urbanism department of the Research Center for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) from the Lisbon School of Architecture, and develops research on built environment and urban …

  • DUALab

  • Dinâmicas Urbanas e Ambientais

    Coordenação: Francisco Serdoura Equipa: José Luis crespo, José Nuno Beirão, José Vitor Correia, maria da Graça Moreira, Elisabete Rolo, João Carlos Marrana O Grupo de Dinâmicas Urbanas e Ambientais [DUAlab], é uma equipa pluridisciplinar que integra investigadores do Centro de …


  • Laboratório de Fotografia e Imagem de Síntese

    The Laboratório de fotografia e Imagem de Síntese (Lafis) was sanctioned at a meeting of the Council of the Faculty of Architecture at July 6, 2005 , thus being recognized as an area of interest to the Faculty of Architecture. It …

  • LD3D

  • Laboratório de Digitalização 3D

    The LD3D Lab is a structure of the Faculty of Architecture that aggregates a set of devices for three-dimensional scanning. Its mission focuses primarily on supporting research activities in the field of three-dimensional scan applied to conservation, architecture and design, in …

  • LPR

  • Laboratório de Prototipagem Rápida

    Rapid Prototyping Laboratory (LPR) aims at enrichening the academic training in Architecture, Urbanism and Design through the use of information technologies, promoting an innovative approach to the training of these creative professions complementing traditional method of architectural design studio. LPR …

  • LRV

  • Laboratório de Realidade Virtual

    O Laboratório de Realidade Virtual (LRV) está direcionado para o auxílio na formação superior em arquitetura, urbanismo e design. Por meio de diferentes ambientes de imersão dentro da realidade virtual, o LRV tem como objetivo oferecer suporte às atividades de …

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  • Alberti Digital

  • Tradition and innovation in the architectural theory and practice in Portugal

    (2010-2013) The Alberti Digital is a research project funded by FCT, and it results from collaboration among several institutions. Based in Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, it also involves researchers from the University of Lisbon, namely the Faculty …

  • City Induction

  • A generative urban design research project, supported by FCT

    (2008 – 2011) Urban planning and design have a considerable impact on the economic performance of cities and on the quality of life of the population. Efficiency at this level is hampered by the lack of integrated instruments for formulating, …

  • Measuring Urbanity

  • Generative patterns of re­urbanization for sustainable extensive towns.

    (2012 –       ) The proposed research tries to addresses the problem of developing sustainable urban solutions for scattered low density territories throughout Portuguese territory by looking at time­tested recurrent design patterns drawn from Portuguese vernacular historical settlements. …


  • Digital Mockup: Touching the 3rd dimension

    Current architectural visualization software based on virtual environments (VEs) supports mainly 3D animation and automatic navigation. Despite the growing popularity of VEs, they still need to go a long ways to replace or even augment desktop CAD systems in the …

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