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    PhD and Advanced Studies Program Applications for the 2nd stage (online)

    The Design and Computation Group at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon is offering a set of subjects in Design and Computation that can be grouped using the ECTS  (European Credit Transfer System) towards two new Programs: (1) the Advanced Study Program in Computation for Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design and (2) the Doctoral Program in Architecture: Design and Computation.

    The first program roughly corresponds to the first year of the second program and students who enroll in the first may proceed to the second.

    These programs are very flexible and students may also enroll in subjects in other areas at the school, which offers around 70 elective courses and many more mandatory subjects each year. Enrollment in subjects at other schools of the university also is possible.

    Classes are taught in English and the DGC group includes a number of international students, as well as a panel of international visiting teaching staff each year.

    The school offers a very international atmosphere with students from more than 50 countries currently enrolled in its programs on a beautiful setting, provided by Lisbon and its surroundings.

    We have in place a set of Exchange Programs that allow for students to spend one or two semesters studying or doing research abroad or at another national school.

    Funding may be available through a scholarship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) (http://www.fct.pt/index.phtml.en)

    Elective curricular units related to Computation

    1st Semester
    Shape Grammars
    3D Digitization
    Space Syntax
    Introduction To Geographic Information Systems
    Building Information Modelling
    Programming for Architecture
    2nd Semester
    Design and Digital Fabrication
    Mathematical Bases For Computation
    Media and Communication
    Tools For Analysis And Simulation
    Parametric Urban Design
    Virtual Environments for Design

    Other elective curricular units